Tasty treats with a difference

All Dog.a.Licious treats include not only probiotics for a healthy gut, but also parsley and carob. They are rich in vitamins,iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and a good source of fiber as well as pectin, a substance that helps to flush toxins from their bodies.

For those with dogs that suffer from flatulence. The Dog.a.Licious Charcoal treats include charcoal to remove toxins and also help keep teeth clean.

My Story

Hi I’m Rebecca, I’m 16 years old and the proud owner of Dog.a.Licious. 

Dog.a.Licious treats are dog treats with a difference. Having two dogs one very gassy and the other with bad breath. I realized something had to be done. After researching the subject I found that there are natural ingredients that can help ease these problems. This led me to creating Dog.a.Licious, a range of healthy dog treats for your dogs to enjoy